George Caroll is an internationally acclaimed Hollywood  hair stylist award winning product designer, columnist, Polaroid artist and consultant to the entertainment and beauty industry.

Over the course of his career George introduced many of the styling tools and beauty innovations (blow dryers, styling irons, hot rollers, styling brushes and protein hair care products) used today in salons and homes throughout America His "all purpose" Flexie Styling Brush is considered the "world’s most versatile hair brush" and one 
of Hollywood’s best kept beauty secrets.

Ahead of the times, his Studio Style Salon was the first to offer all natural style cuts and blow dry styling for both men and women. To complement the coming fitness generation George designed a scientifically based hair exercise system with spa-hair care treatment for “fitness where it shows.”  

When not globe trotting to promote American Beauty Culture and his beauty innovations, George can be found here on the Internet were he shares the Hollywood Beauty Secrets of the stars and celebrities with styling tips and giggles along the way. For a Hair Styling Experience you can visit George at his "studio style salon in" in Toluca Lake, just minutes from Warner Brothers and Universal Studios.



George started his career as an apprentice under the watchful eye's of George Masters, the legendary Hollywood hair stylist responsible for Marilyn Monroe's sexy makeup and hair styles. And Jay Seebring, barber stylist to the stars and creator of the "Dry Look" hair styles for men. A few years later, George opened his Hair Styling Studio in the heart of the entertainment industry, Toluca Lake.   

Drawing inspiration for the hair styles of the stars and celebrities has become a national past time. As you might imagine, George has had his share of  movie stars and celebrities visit his studio over the yearsMany are featured here in the star hairstyle galleries  with "styling tricks and a few giggles along the way" to make your hair style look and shine like the stars and celebrities you admire. To give your hair styles the Studio Style Look, George also offers a FREE Here Online "personal style consultation " to help answer any and all of your hair care and styling concerns.


Studio Style Salon
Hair Styling Experience

George foresaw the coming fitness revolution and healthy active life styles. To complement this changing life style George created a "all natural" Style Cut that is shaped and styled to look perfect from all points of view, holds its shape as it grows and styles itself. Just shampoo, comb and go or a quick blow dry or twist with a styling iron for a dressy look and your ready for any occasion. His unique styling technique has proven to be perfect for today’s fast paced healthy active life styles and a personal Hair Styling Experience. See studio style salon info here.



Hair Research X

Over the years George was called upon by leading beauty manufactures to test and evaluate  their beauty products. 
In the mid seventies founded Hair Research X  to explore, test and develop hair care and styling tools to meet the life styles of the 21st century  

To test his hair care products George designed microscope equipped Polaroid camera with polarized filter technology to study the effect of his protein based hair care products. George found that hair is very resilient but over time can lose it "life-like quality" unless steps are taken to maintain it.  He also discovered that hair and skin share many of the same protein structures. And that hair care formulations could be designed to benefit both hair and skin..

With this imperial research, George designed a three-step (shampoo, conditioner and moisture rinse) spa hair treatment infused with Collagen protein and herbal extracts for both "hair and skin care".  Along with unique hair styling products for support and heat protection. To order see Studio Styling Kits and all Hair Research product offers.

Award Winning Beauty Product Designer

Through decades of working with the motion pictures studios and his hair styling studio, George realized the need for a versatile styling tool that could accomplish a wide variety of hair styles and styling effects. Out of that interest, George designed an adjustable “all purpose” Flexie Styling Brush with a built-in comb and air flow net to make blow dry styling safe, quick and easy. 

Now, with one hair brush you can easily; straighten unruly waves or scrunch and lift to encourage curly looks and volume, dry hair in place, remove tangles, shape and blow dry hair. The Flexie Styling Brush is the “world’s most versatile hair styling brush” and one of Hollywood ’s best kept beauty secrets. To complement the Flexie Brush, George also designed a "three-in-one" Special Effects Styling Spray for "shaping, finishing and blow dry styling". See video demonstration (Flexie Styling Brush)


        Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment             
 Feel The Warmth / See The Shine

Modern cosmetic technology is turning many of out ever day personal care products into "spa-like-treatments". The new Heat Energized Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment is an example of this new technology at its best. Its a modern version of the Hot Oil Treatment for course, dry and frizzy hair.  When applied to "wet hair"  the shampoo and conditioner "warms up" allowing the poly-silicone to instantly bond to the surface sealing in moisture with a high gloss, smooth protective finish. It's relaxing soothing warmth and deep moisturizing also relieves dry scalp conditions. 

Using this advanced hair care technology, George has made it possible to give course, dry frizzy hair the same benefits of a 30 minute hot oil treatment in
30 seconds at home in the shower. The ideal hair treatment for today's fast paced active life styles. See studio styling kits

Beauty Industry Consultant


George has been a consultant to the professional beauty industry throughout his career having tested and introduced many innovative beauty products that are found in salons and home throughout America. 

  • Clairol‘s 30-minute "High Lift" professional hair color to lighten and color hair in one step.

  • Solis International’s 1200 watt two speed hot/cold, light weight plastic hand blow dryer. 

  • Vent Styling Brush for the Bobby Brush Company.

  • Revlon’s first professional hot roller kit and thermal control curling irons.

  • Precision Valve Corporation’s AquaSol hairspray, environmentally friendly propellants.

  • Redken Laboratories protein hair care products for both professional and at home care.  

  • Owen Laboratories Dermatological hair products for salons

  • Polaroid Corporation ...and many others



Star Trek Hair Styles / Style-A-Thon

In addition to maintaining his entertainment clientele, George has designed hair styles for Television and Motion Pictures. One of his earliest creations was the "Pointed Sideburns" of the male crewmembers for Gene Roddenberry's original Star Trek television series. 

George also organized the first national Style-
day for his friend actor Danny Thomas founder of St Jude's Children’s Research Hospital. Together with hair stylist's across America George raised over a million dollars to help fight children's cancer. 


Television Personality / Home Shopping Networks

George has used television as a medium to promote his many beauty innovations. He was also the first hairstylists to sell his beauty products on the Home Shopping Networks in the United States, Canada and Europe. His Hollywood Studio Styling Brush was the best selling hair care product for several years running in the late 90's. George has been a frequent guest hair stylist on the popular ABC-TV Regis Philbin’s Show and continues to make appearances on morning talk shows around the country to promote his beauty innovations.  


Polaroid Artist / Creative Polaroid Art

A consummate artist in all varied fields he has entered. Although George is best known for 
his innovative hair care and styling products.
In his spare time George creates digital enhanced Polaroid digital photographic images inspired from everyday life. 

George Caroll is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild
and lives in Westlake Village, California.

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